This note was added on January 26, 2014

Some retirees have reported that they are having a problem finding the UHC new website.  As as January first, you must register on the new site in order to get information and, most importantly, see any claims for 2014 you may have submitted.  There are several ways to get to the new site but I have found the following link to be the most direct.

You must have your new UHC ID to register.

The new Group Advantage PPO Plan

On Monday, some of us received, via UPS delivery, a booklet describing the new UnitedHeathcare Group Medicare Advantage (PPO) Plan. We understand there may be at least 5 versions of this booklet and the version you get may depend upon your retirement date and/or your residential region. I was told by UHC that there are several errors in the booklets but none were specifically identified.  Therefore,we will not be able to refer to specific pages of the booklet.


There is a video, that explains the new plan in some detail,  available at and at  If you go to the MetLife site, look in the middle column of choices.  The first 2choices are:  Medicare Advantage Education and Medicare Advantage Video. Click on the second for the video and the first to see where you can attend a session to explain the plan.  If you try the second link, look on the right of the page you get and click on the drop down that says, “Select Group" and then click MetLife in the drop down list. You will then get a page that shows three boxes below a picture.  In the third box, click on “2014 Enrollment Presentation.The link for the educational meetings is on the right under “Important Dates.”


This new plan for MetLife retirees who are on Medicare will replace the present choices plan and will provide at least the same benefits as Medicare.  If there are people in your immediate family that are not on Medicare, they will continue to have the“Choices” plan offered by MetLife.  They will receive their enrollment information in about 2 weeks.  The open enrollment period begins November 4thand ends November 15th. 


Several of us have called Medicare, MetLife and UHC and have had many questions answered.  These discussions are presented on the forum site.  If you do not have access to this site and would like to visit it, send a message via the contact page or the Visitor's sign-in page.  If you just want to ask a question, we will answer via email if you will send your message via the Contact or the Visitor's sign-in page on this site.